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Irene, Cato, New York

Just wanted to say that our dog is now using your mat and it's been heaven. She is 3 years old and a little stuboen but after reading your instructions she took to it right away. Just ewanted to say thank you again.. You have a very good product...



The American Pet Association was founded in 1991. The initial goal, to which
the association remains committed to this day, is to provide education and
services that result in more humane treatment of companion animals in the homes.

Every product new on the pet market is being tested, and only those deserving
are approved with APA 5 Stars.

APA 5 Stars is the approval of a product based on APA Testing and research
that insures a product is approved for real world intended usage and is
considered safe, humane and as-advertised.

The "5 Stars" of Product Approval

  • Humane Treatment of pets and people (product must be intended
    to be used, or will commonly be used in such a way that is humane to pets
    and the treatment of customers and employees must be positive and productive.)
  • Business Ethics (Business must pass a background check and not be involved in questionable or unethical business practices. The product claims and marketing must be factual and not misleading.)
  • Product Quality (Product must be manufactured in such a way and with quality materials so that it meets or exceeds expected lifetime)
  • Safety (The product should be safe for use as intended for both pets and humans.)
  • Ongoing Feedback (Ongoing feedback must be consistent and representative of the initial testing results for a product to remain approved. Approval status can be checked 24/7 at this site)

Why consumers can rely on the APA Approval:

  • APA has 19 years experience in all aspects of the pet industry.
  • All approvals require extensive testing, inspection or reference checking.
  • Consumers give ongoing feedback so approvals are always current.
  • The APA has the highest standards in the pet industry.