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Irene, Cato, New York

Just wanted to say that our dog is now using your mat and it's been heaven. She is 3 years old and a little stuboen but after reading your instructions she took to it right away. Just ewanted to say thank you again.. You have a very good product...


Frequently Asked Questions:

UGODOG is often asked what sets our product apart from other
traditional indoor dog potty systems as well as suggested dog
training techniques and much much more. If we haven't
answered all of your questions below, please feel free to
contact us.

  • What is UGODOG?

    UGODOG is an innovative indoor dog potty and house training system.
    UGODOG is specially designed as a stylish indoor toilet for canines of all shapes
    and sizes. If used properly, UGODOG will not only keep your dog's paws dry, but
    will keep your house dry, and your house pooh free, just the way you and your pet
    prefer it.

  • How does it work?

    The trick to UGODOG's magic is the removable fitted grates with the small cube squares. The cubes are small enough to support any canine comfortably while offering a filter system for urine to be captured beneath while keeping your pets paws dry and clean. The UGODOG cube sizes are also small enough to allow the pooh to settle on top where clean up is easy and mess free.

  • What is the difference between the UGODOG and artificial grass solutions?

    There are many different artificial grass solutions and they all run into the same problems.

    1. The artificial grass is very difficult to clean. Without the option of a yard to hose down the artificial grass, maintenance is very difficult. Unlike artificial grass the UGODOG uses two small grates to make cleanup of the grates easier and more convenient. Simply wipe off with a wet paper towel every evening, or a fragrant-free baby wipe.
    2. The artificial grass becomes very smelly within just a few days of use. Not so with UGODOG, because daily maintenance and clean-up is a breeze.
    3. Ultimately the artificial grass begins to collect bacteria because there is no effective and convenient way of cleaning and disinfecting for daily use. Unlike the artificial grass the UGODOG can be completely and conveniently wiped down on a daily basis with fragrant-free baby disinfectant wipes.
    4. Since the artificial grass sits on top of the base it is very difficult to tell if your puppy or dog has actually gone pee until you lift the artificial grass. With the UGODOG there is no mystery if your little guy or girl has gone potty on the UGODOG. Collapse answer.

  • Are pee pads necessary?

    No, a dog pee pad is not necessary. You can use day old newspapers or pee pads as an absorbent, or use nothing at all and simply empty the base plate every night into your toilet. If you use pee pads or newspaper, both are protected from your pet tearing them up by being beneath the grates and supported by the solid base.

  • Why is UGODOG better than a pee pad?

    Like baby diapers, pee pads are terrible for the environment, because they take so long to degrade. In addition, they do not prevent your dog's paws from getting wet when your dog stands on them, and dogs love to play with them and tear them into pieces. UGODOG addresses all of these problems. It is much better for the environment than using pee pads. It keeps your dog's paws dry so that he does not track pee all over your house. And even if you use a pee pad or newspaper with UGODOG, the grates will sit atop the pee pad or newspaper, and your dog will not be able to get to the pee pad or newspaper to tear it up or play with it.

  • What is the difference between the Wizdog and the UGODOG?

    1. WIZDOG is made using a process called thermal forming. UGODOG is made using an injection molding process. The result is that UGODOG is a stronger and sturdier construction.
    2. For their grids, WIZDOG uses lighting louvers cut to fit their base plate. The lighting louvers are not perfectly matched to the base plate, and therefore, there is some play between their grid and their base plate. Unlike WIZDOG, there is absolutely no play between the UGODOG grids and the UGODOG base plate, because the two were designed in tandem to match each other perfectly.
    3. WIZDOG grids, because they are lighting louvers, were never designed to support dogs or accommodate their delicate paws. They are designed to diffuse light. The UGODOG grids were specifically designed for the UGODOG and are not used in any other product of any kind. The UGODOG grids are specifically designed and engineered to support dogs and accommodate their delicate paws. Unlike the WIZDOG grids, the beams of the UGODOG grids are thick and convex in shape to cushion dogs' paws. The square holes that make up the grids are sized small enough so that they do not trap the smallest paw pads of the smallest dog breeds.
    4. WIZDOG uses one large grid. UGODOG uses two smaller grids. The reason for this is to make it easier to wash off the UGODOG grids.
    5. Finally, UGODOG uses neutral colors that blend into any home where as Wizdog uses electric blue and white.

  • Is UGODOG easy to clean?

    Absolutely! UGODOG uses two smaller grates rather than one large one to make cleanup of the grates easier and more convenient. Simply wipe off with a wet paper towel every evening. UGODOG, though built with a sturdy base, weighs less than 2 kg, thus allowing for quick and easy clean up. Simply remove the top grates and dispose of the soiled pads or newspapers if you use them or empty the pee in the base into a toilet. And if your pet is eating dog food then their pooh should be solid and trapped on top of the square cubes making clean up simple. We do recommend washing UGODOG with a mild detergent once a week, or wiping it down, for example, with fragrant-free baby wipes.

  • What do I do if my dog is already pee pad trained?

    If your pet is already accustomed to pee pads, then you should expect quick results with UGODOG. Make certain to place UGODOG in the same place as your dog has been accustomed to using the pee pads. When you first remove the pee pads, make certain to introduce UGODOG to your pet by saying, "you pee here". Be sure to reward your pet the first few times he or she uses UGODOG. Read more about how to potty train a dog.

  • How do I train a puppy to use UGODOG?

    Introducing a puppy to UGODOG can be more challenging. As with all puppies you should confine your pet to a fenced area when you first bring him home. Do not let him become accustomed to having access to the whole house. Place UGODOG against a wall, somewhere near your puppy's confined area but not too close. Dogs do not like to use the bathroom near where they eat. We recommend taking your puppy to UGODOG every morning when your puppy awakens, and two hours after their meals. You can also leave a small towel that has been soaked in their urine in the UGODOG tray or put a small amount of your dog's urine in the tray and put the grates over it. Be sure to always praise your dog's achievements and do not reprimand your pet during training as this can confuse your pet. Read more about housebreaking a puppy.

  • Where should I put UGODOG?

    That is the wonderful thing about UGODOG, its stylish appearance allows for UGODOG to be anywhere in the house without embarrassment. For best result, place on a flat surface not too near your pets bedding and eating area.

  • What are UGODOG's specifications?

    UGODOG is 67 x 48.5 x 2.5 cm.

  • Can UGODOG support larger pets?

    Yes, UGODOG is specifically manufactured to support all canines regardless of size and bread.

  • Is UGODOG safe for my puppies small paws?

    IBeing dog lovers, we designed the holes in the grates small enough so that even small puppies' cute little paws will not get trapped or stuck. In addition, we designed the beams of the grates wide enough to make it comfortable and safe for your dog's paws.