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Irene, Cato, New York

Just wanted to say that our dog is now using your mat and it's been heaven. She is 3 years old and a little stuboen but after reading your instructions she took to it right away. Just ewanted to say thank you again.. You have a very good product...



An innovative and comfortable solution for you and
for your friend: UGODOG®'s indoor dog potty.

UGODOG®, is an innovative solution especially designed as an indoor dog potty. Thanks to the functional design, urine passes through cubed openings on to base, and UGODOG® keeps your dog's paws dry and clean.

UGODOG® is an economical and hygienic alternative to soiled newspapers and expensive wee peds. UGODOG® is convenient, clean, and easy to use. Also, it is simple to clean and weather resistant for outdoor use, and stylish for indoor purposes.

New! Double UGODGO®, perfect for larger breed dogs.

Double UGODOG® consists of two single systems plus one connector. The connector is made of a impermeable material. Dimensions are 67 x 97 x 2.5 cm.

* Colors shown are only a respresentative sample. UGODOG's® color is a nuetral tone, and the connector is transparent.

Why choose Double UGODOG® ?

Having two smaller, removable, fitted grates make clean up easier and more convenient. Thanks to the ergonomic design, UGODOG® can be lifted up easily, and not to forget that seperate grates fit into sinks and bathtubes when you want to clean them. Besides, you can always take one with you on trips and holidays.