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Irene, Cato, New York

Just wanted to say that our dog is now using your mat and it's been heaven. She is 3 years old and a little stuboen but after reading your instructions she took to it right away. Just ewanted to say thank you again.. You have a very good product...


Part of making UGODOG's indoor dog potty a success is providing professional dog training techniques and advice.

Whether you are looking to potty train your dog, housebreak your
puppy, or retrain your pet not to use pee pads - we are happy
to share proven techniques!

Housebreaking a Dog

When you first bring your dog home from the local animal shelter or responsible
breeder, you're overwhelmed with how much fun it is to have a dog in your home
and with all of accessories needed to keep your dog comfortable. Having a dog in
your family is a very fulfilling experience and you save that dog from living on the
streets or in a pet store. Other than food, water and taking your dog out for walks,
one of the most important things about having a dog is incorporating a housebreaking
dog program among your family.

Some pet owners are clueless when it comes to "How to Potty Train a Dog" but the process is very simple with the right resources and patience. Some dog owners think that their pet is acting sneaky when they pee in the house, but actually, the dog does not understand what it did wrong. In the beginning, the dog knows that the mess makes you upset but does not know that it should stop making the mess.

The trick is to catch your dog in the act and make him understand that it is a bad act. Use a firm "No" and the tone of your voice will be enough for your dog to see that what he did was wrong. Another important housebreaking dog tip to remember is to always praise your dog when he does relieve himself outside, on the indoor dog potty, or pee pee pad. You will never want to punish your dog if he didn't relieve himself indoors.

Housebreaking a Puppy

A puppy should be taken out after every meal and up to six times a day. It is important to know that a puppy cannot control his muscles until about 12 weeks of age, so good housebreaking routines should be practiced during this age group. A sign that your puppy needs relieve himself is turning around in circles. It is very difficult to practice housebreaking a puppy if he smells urine in places where he is not allowed to pee on.

Using the UGODOG dog potty is one easy method for litter box training your puppy. The UGODOG dog toilet should be placed far away from his bed. The last place your puppy will want to relieve himself is in his bed, so once he starts pacing or sniffing the area, take him to the UGODOG dog litter box. Don't rush him while he's outside and don't play with him during the process.

Take him out after every meal and play session before putting him back in the crate and be consistent with your dog potty training. You might want to keep track of every time he needs to go outside to make a set schedule. Once you start potty training, use a consistent word or words to build your communication with your dog. Words like "outside" or "potty" are easy. Or, if you have trouble keeping track of time from the last potty session, set a time for every 30 minutes to take your puppy out and gradually increase the time as he grows.

Housebreaking with UGODOG

he UGODOG dog toilet is an innovative indoor dog potty system that attracts your dog to potty on the dog litter box. Pet owners who already use dog pee pads find the transition to the UGODOG very simple. Place the UGODOG in the same place as the dog pee pad and reward your pet when he pees there. Pets don't like to relieve themselves where they eat so keep the two places away from each other.

If your puppy or dog seems confused about the UGODOG, watch for the next time they start sniffing around or walking in a circle. Immediately place your dog on the UGODOG, stay with your pet until he relieves himself and praise them afterward.

The litter box training dog process does not have to be difficult. Housebreaking a puppy or dog is simple, as long as you are patient, know the rules and praise your dog afterward.